School Information

School Contact Details

Bankfoot Primary School
Bolingbroke Street
West Yorkshire

Telephone number: 01274 732068

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Contact details for Senior Managers

Headteacher's Mobile:  
Mrs Wright  07415 905388 

Deputy Headteacher's Mobile: 
Mrs Irfan 07495 771350

Assistant Headteacher's Mobile: 
Miss Cox 07495 771370

School Values and Ethos

Name of person dealing with queries from parents and the public

Parents - Mrs S Iqbal 01274 732068
Public - Mrs B Gilyard 01274 732068
               Mrs S Hussain 01274 732068

Request for paper copies of documents

If you wish to request a paper copy of any information held on the website, please ask the staff in the school office and a copy will be provided. These will be provided free of charge.