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Year 3OB

Welcome to Year 3OB 

Please Meet Our Team!

Miss Kaur and Mrs Spelman would like to welcome you to year three OB!

We hope you are able to find everything you are looking for! 

We have provided medium terms plans and a general overview of what we are learning this term.

Please enjoy reading about our learning journey!

Here is just a brief snapshot of what we are learning during the summer in year three...

    In Science, we are investigating light. We will be conducting and performing scientific investigations into light by exploring reflection, refraction, sources o light and shadows. We will also be pattern seeking, recording and observing shadows over time. 

   In Year Three we are developing our independent scientific inquiry skills by creating a hypothesis, method and recording our results in a wide variety of ways in each experiment. We are also applying our scientific knowledge to a wide range of writing challenges.  

 In Literacy, we are exploring the exciting world of poetry with a particular emphasis on the theme water. We are exploring the ways in which authors create powerful imagery by utilizing a plethora of different literary techniques. Currently, we are exploring rhyme, rhythm and onomatopeia!

As part of our analysis of non-fiction texts we are creating our own explanation text about the water cycle through a close inspection of key features within the genre. We are busy researching space using a wide array of secondary sources as well as comparing different types of explanation texts to inform our own writing.

In our topic we are comparing and contrasting Food around the World. We are researching food production and consumption through ICT, Literacy, Science, Geography and History. 

This term we are also reflecting on our PHSCE topic; 'Getting on and Falling Out' as we explore our own emotional experiences. We have been participating in class dialogues around how we express our emotions effectively with each other and how we can learn a lot about ourselves through the differences and diversity of other people's emotional experiences.