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Topic 3 - Castaway


Castaway Medium term plan. 

Theatre Trip!

Last half term, we enjoyed a wonderful visit a wonderful visit to West Yorkshire Playhouse to watch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. 

Our topic this term is 'Castaway' linked to Geography, History, Science, Art and Design Technology. Please take a look at our Newsletter and Medium Term Plan for a detailed overview of our learning goals  in Year 5HC!

We can't wait to investigate the geography and history of this amazing part of the world!

Our Class reader is Kensuke's Kingdom! We cant wait to immerse ourselves in this amazing story!

In RE our focus is special people. 

As well as investigating the founders of Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, we will also be investigating other special people who have had an impact on our world. 

'I have a dream!'

What is your dream for the world? 

Celebrating Martin Luther King week, we will discuss why was Martin Luther King Junior so very special? We will look at what qualities made Dr. King such an effective leader? We will also contemplate if he were alive today, would he feel that his dream had been realised?

Castaway Newsletter.

During our science topic last half term, we had lots of fun investigating forces. We designed marvellous machines, investigated water resistance, created paper auto gyros and designed/tested our own boats.