Topic 3 - Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Spring Term 1 Newsletter 

Theatre Trip!

Last half term, we enjoyed a wonderful workshop concluding our Ancient Greece topic. We compared two of the main cities- Sparta and Athens. The children had the opportunity to try on a variety of traditional clothing, take part in drama and explore the differences in Greek customs. 

As well as investigating the founders of Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, we will also be investigating other special people who have had an impact on our world. 

'I have a dream!'

What is your dream for the world? 

Celebrating Martin Luther King week, we will discuss why was Martin Luther King Junior so very special? We will look at what qualities made Dr. King such an effective leader? We will also contemplate if he were alive today, would he feel that his dream had been realised?

Spring Term 1 Medium Term Plan


During our science topic last half term, we had lots of fun investigating forces. We designed marvellous machines, investigated water resistance, created paper auto gyros and designed/tested our own boats.