Visits and Visitors

Here is a selection of photos from our recent visit to St Leonard's Farm.

Morning Children

Road Safety

The Nursery Children enjoyed learning about how to cross the road  safely. We learned the rules in a fun way. These were: Stop, hold hands, look, listen and think. Some of our children dressed up as a lollipop guide and others took turns in pressing the button on the pelican crossing. We all enjoyed the story about seat belt safety and watched carefully when we were shown how to 'buckle up' when we are in out parents car.

Road Safety

Afternoon Children

Our visit to the Bakery...

Cake graphics

The Nursery class enjoyed taking a walk to our local bakery as an additional focus on the letter sound ‘b’. This visit gave the class opportunities to see their local environment and inspire talk about how their own home experiences linked to familiar buildings, shops and businesses.

The children were allowed to look around the bakery and see what goods were available to purchase. Some of our class members were allowed to exchange goods for money including buying bread and buns for our snack experience on return to Nursery.

Once back at school the children enjoyed playing in our role-play bakery reliving our visit and re-enacting what happened during our excursion. This gave our children the  opportunity to talk about the features of their own immediate environment and allow pupils to comment and ask questions about aspects of their familiar world, as defined in the Development Matter for EYFS.