Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

with Miss Cox, Mrs Gull and Mr Hameed

Please read our statement reflecting our optinions and views whilst attending Bankfoot Primary School.

Learning at home / Remote Learning

Remote learning activities will take place on Friday afternoons. The children will complete a range of activities online relating to current classroom topics and will submit work for online marking.  

Reading at home

To support the learning that your child enjoys in school, it is necessary to read with your child. Once they have read, you can ask them a few questions about what they have read to check their understanding and make a comment in their Reading Record book.

By Year 4 children are expected to fill in their reading records themselves at least three times a week. Please encourage your child to do this using the sentence openers at the front of the reading record to help them.

At Bankfoot, we are committed to providing a culturally inclusive and relevant curriculum to suit the needs of all pupils.

Following consultation with parents, we have designed long term plans for each year group. We have tried to link the topics with countries and cultures beyond Europe. If you have some more ideas that we can include please talk to the teachers. We value and welcome your contributions.

Please take a look below at our long term plan for the 2019-2020 school year.

Chocolate- Bean of the gods!

This half term we will be looking at the Aztecs and the history of chocolate.

As historians, the children will be using the internet, books and newspaper articles to research detailed information related to a particular event and people in history. We will be looking at different accounts of history to understand why these can give a positive or negative view of people in history. During this unit children will be taught organisational skills to carry out independent research on our topic and the civilisations of Aztecs and Incas.



In this awesome topic we will study the civilisation that survived for over 3000 years:

Ancient Egypt.

We will study their daily life, using real images and artefacts, learning why Egypt is called the Gift of the Nile; Mummification, why they embalmed their dead; and the most famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen and why we weren't ever meant to find out about him.

Our topic is 'Crime and Punishment'- all about the crime and punishment through the ages from the Roman times, to the present day.

This term we are learning about the brilliant Romans. We will study their myths, inventions, emperors and more!

Please refer to the long-term curriculum plan to view what we will be learning during this time.

During this term we will be investigating the famous Bronte sisters.

Please refer to the Long Term Plan to view what we will be learning during this time.

A Place for Everything!

Our Topic this half term is 'A place for Everything!' based on Habitats. We are looking at different habitats and climate zones in Geography and linking our learning to maths, literacy and science where we are creating a presentation and exploring our school environment.