Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

We are so excited to be back in school to continue with our learning, after such a long time away.

In year 2, our main aim is to make our learning exciting and enjoyable with lots of fun activities, whilst developing new skills and gaining knowledge to help us as we grow. This year we will all gain greater independence and take on responsibilities for ourselves, our learning, our school and wider community.

Follow us on our journey over the year, by looking on our class site to see some of the work and activities that we do.

In year 2, we are very proud of our many efforts.

Teaching Staff:

Mrs Moscardini,  Mrs Hussain & Mrs Bibi




On this site there are lots of different numeracy games covering a wide range of topics. Select KS1/KS2 from the menu bar at the top. The game used in school can be found in the green menu and is called HIT THE BUTTON. Also play Maths Magician for learning timestables.


At Bankfoot, we are committed to providing a culturally inclusive and relevant curriculum to suit the needs of all pupils.

Following consultation with parents, we have designed long term plans for each year group. We have tried to link the topics with countries and cultures beyond Europe. If you have some more ideas that we can include please talk to the teachers. We value and welcome your contributions.

Long Term Plan 2019 to 2020

New Year, New Beginnings

After the unforeseen ending to the previous school year, due to COVID-19, we worked hard to map out the school year ahead.

Before school closed for summer, a whole school plan was in place to make up for lost skills and ensure that all children will ideally make the desired progress by the end of the school year.

Join us in year 2 and watch our journey over the year!

Victorious Victorians?


The Victorian era was a key period in British and international history. Not only did we have the longest reining monach, under Queen Victoria's rule we saw the rise of the industrial revolution, the railway was introduced, world exploration by sea was common place for European pioneers and life for Victorian families varied significantly, depending on wealth.

Life for a child born in Victorian times was very different to our current day.

Children, the same age as us, worked in factories.

School life in Victorian times was very strict. 

All of this makes learning about Victorian times such an exciting, and sometimes unbelievable, period of history to study.

We loved learning about and acting out many of the different experieces.

National Lockdown due to COVID-19

School Closed

Move to Remote Learning



We are fortunate at Bankfoot, as we each have our very own Chromebook.

At the start of the school year, we spent much of our time developing keyboard skills and learning how to navigate around different documents, completing work.

This proved highly beneficial for the unforseen school closures which stated in the new year of 2021 and  the majority of the Spring term.

In year 2, we continued all of our planned content and completed some exceptional pieces of work, including lots of art.

A Warm Return...after weeks of closure

After the national lockdown resulting in school closures,  we made changes to our curriculum to allow a gradual, yet focussed, approach to the return of our learning.

To give a warm, embracing start and capture the children's attention, many classes across the school recommenced their learning journey focussing on fairy tales.

This linked seemlessly with the year 2 language curriculum, where the scheduled writing focussed on Beauty and the Beast. However, to link in with our online reading of Epic! Books, we read the story Rapunzel and completed many art and desgin and technology activities realated to this. We also read Sleeping Beauty and made our own magic mirrors.


Bankfoot in the House

We were also fortunate to have a whole afternoon dedicated to completing activities within our House teams.

Across the school, but staying in our class bubbles, we had Bankfoot in the House!

Each week centred on a different theme. There were lots of  amazing craft activities, but the most exciting, and noisiest time, was competing in the House Quiz.

This term saw a wonderful and much fun filled way, to return to school after such a turbulent year.


Our topic this term links our science, history, geography and design and technology and art all into reading!

With a focus on the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, we explore the life of Samuel Lister and  his contribuions to the textile industry.

This links with our science units on plants and materials.

We look at textiles gained from the cotton plant and the suitability of materials for a given purpose.

Transitioning into our final unit for the school year learning about Knights and Castles, we will design and make a cloak for a ruler of a castle.

There are many fiction and non-fiction texts for us to explore, making this a great cross-curricular topic of study.

NSPCC Number Day

We joined in this national campaign to help raise money for

the NSPCC by focussing our whole day's learning on maths.


In year 2, we firstly linked literacy with maths by exploring how the number 2 is represented in different ways; we explored the language of 2.


In our official maths lesson we played a variety of maths games.

We use our 2s, 5s, and 10 times tables to test each other's knowledge of our multiplication facts.

In the unicorns versus giants game, we had to use calculation skills to try to block one another's path,

We used 4s, 5s and 6 Numicon to represent different flowers; tulips, roses, and iris. We had to see how many were needed to cover the flower bed.


Our reading activity focused on the story of shapes.

As we listened we used straws to make the two dimentional shaped which were name.


It was a fantasic morning!