Activities in School

1. For Mental Health Awareness Week in 2021, we looked at the link between nature and mental health - why it matters, how we can all connect more and how some people are experiencing the benefits.


2. The first we back, we took part in the Happiness Challenge. This focussed on the 5 key skills to happiness:

  • Self awareness
  • Positive talk
  • Growth mindset 
  • Kindness 
  • Big feelings.

3. Mental Health Awareness Week, we looked at Body Confidence. We want all the children to grow up feeling confident about themselves!


4. Anti Bullying Week "One Kind Word"
Kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The isolation of the last year has underlined how little acts of consideration can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. 



Spring 1 focus is Resilience 
Safe Space area in school 
Children's Mental Health Week theme Growing Together