Year 5

Miss Charles and Miss Ridsdale welcome you to year 5

We hope that within these pages you find plenty of information about the work we do and the fun we have!

We have included details of what we are learning and the topics we cover. We have included a list useful websites. These support the work we do in the classroom.

Have fun exploring!

We have outlined our topics in our Newsletter, homework will always relate to our class topics

If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to contact a member of the year 5 team.

Homework will be a variation of Chromebooks and yellow homework books given.

Your child has access to all passwords and logins.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for all you support.

At Bankfoot, we are committed to providing a culturally inclusive and relevant curriculum to suit the needs of all pupils.

Following consultation with parents, we have designed long term plans for each year group. We have tried to link the topics with countries and cultures beyond Europe. If you have some more ideas that we can include please talk to the teachers. We value and welcome your contributions.

Our Class Ethos

We want our class to be a fair and happy place, where we always encourage one another. We understand that challenges will arise, but we will always support one another so success can be achieved together.


So, we promise to...

  •       Follow instructions first time, every time
  •        Take care of each other
  •        Tell, Tell, Tell
  •        Concentrate and listen to all adults
  •        Keep the classroom tidy and organised
  •        Be kind and friendly
  •        Be persistent
  •        Do our best
  •        Respect ourselves and others
  •        Be patient
  •        Be happy and have fun!

As part of our topic based around Ancient Greece we will discuss the civilisation from this period in history and children will compare to other ancient civilisations. They
will understand the meaning of the word empire and how Ancient Greece was able to establish one. We will look at the different Greek myths and learn about what people in Ancient Greece might have believed and how the religion and/or Gods influence us today. We will analyse how artefacts help us work out what life was like in the past.





Please find this term's newsletter attached.