Help With Homework

Your support is valuable in extending your child's learning. The homework we give supports the learning we are currently doing in class. We try to make it quite practical so that it is enjoyable for the children and provides an opportunity for you to talk about what they are doing at school.

Since Covid-19 we have changed our homework and dedicated a portion of our school week to completing work with families. We encourage all our pupils to work from home remotely on a Friday afternoon to do their homework to ensure that if we do go back into lockdown or if for any reason our bubble needs to self-isolate, children will be used to working from home. Most children go home at 12 o'clock on a Friday when they will be able to access the Friday afternoon learning from home on our school website. This needs to be completed the same day. We then collect Learning at Home books in on Monday to oversee the work which has been done..The work contains numeracy and literacy activities and other activities based on our current topic. 

We follow the Read, Write Inc phonics programme in school and we will send the letter sounds and words that they are currently learning within the weekly learning from home. We encourage all children to say the letter sounds and form the letter correctly when writing. Attached it a copy of the handwriting phrases use to ensure the correct letter formation.