Year 6HC

6HC’s Mission Statement

As the new year6 children, we pledge to be exceptional students, role models and ambassadors to the younger children, parents and others members in our community.

We aim to be a proud year 6, who demonstrate maturity, hard work and a resilient work ethic. Anything thrown towards us we will embrace it, tackle it and succeed because we are a team, who will support one another always.

We promise to commit to making this year our most enjoyable experience at Bankfoot. We are going to make the most of it!

During this time, we will be keen learners as learning is not attained by chance but by the attributes our teachers instil in us. We are setting ourselves up for success so we can be anything we want to be and understand that dreams work best when we do.

We will ensure that the other year groups look up to us positively so that when they are in year 6, the outstanding examples continue-just like a circle.

We will treat others as we are expected to be treated. We will be kind, confident and mindful of others’ feelings. By making the right choices, we can make sure everyone is included and made to feel welcome.

Take a look at our Medium term plan and newsletter for this upcoming term. We will be focusing on natural disasters from around the world; giving us the opportunity for plenty of geography based topic work.