Year 2SM

Welcome to Year 2!

In year 2 we are eager to start our new school year with lots of fun and new activities and intend to continue this throughout the school year.

This year, there are many new areas of school life that we will share and enjoy, just like the older members of our school. We can attend maths club each morning. This helps us to develop our maths and become better at learning keyboard skills. Like the rest of the school, we will be following Read Write Inc. Language and Literacy programme and will have a homework booklet to extend what we learn in class.

We have so much to look forward to in year 2!

Teaching Staff:

Mrs Moscardini

Mrs Ali and Mrs Hussain

Year 2SM Mission Statement

Put your hands up if you agree……

  • We will keep our classroom tidy
  • Be respectful to everybody
  • Try to be kind and friendly
  • Remember to share
  • Look after one another
  • Listen to one another, at the right time
  • Play nicely together
  • Respect one another's property
  • Say 'please and thank you'
  • When someone is speaking and look at them
  • Help someone if they are hurt
  • Say only kind things
  • Give encouragement, make friends believe in themselves
  • Be honest at all times
  • Own up if you have done something
  • Remember to say sorry


On this site there are lots of different numeracy games covering a wide range of topics. Select KS1/KS2 from the menu bar at the top. The game used in school can be found in the green menu and is called HIT THE BUTTON. Also play Maths Magician for learning timestables.


At Bankfoot, we are committed to providing a culturally inclusive and relevant curriculum to suit the needs of all pupils.

Following consultation with parents, we have designed long term plans for each year group. We have tried to link the topics with countries and cultures beyond Europe. If you have some more ideas that we can include please talk to the teachers. We value and welcome your contributions.

Long Term Plan 2019 to 2020

You will find the next Medium Term Plan and Newsletter for this topic here soon.

Please refer to the Long Term Curriculum Plan to view what we will be learning during this term.