School Values & Ethos

At Bankfoot we aim to:

  • provide a safe, caring, happy and stimulating environment for children and staff
  • provide high quality teaching and learning in all areas and encourage the development of lifelong skills for learning, social skills and an enthusiasm for knowledge and understanding
  • ensure equal opportunities by identifying and making provision for individual’s needs, strengths and abilities
  • welcome people from all cultures and backgrounds and actively promote respect, care, courtesy and co-operation from everyone in our school community
  • recognise, reward and celebrate individual and collective achievements within the school community
  • encourage parents and carers to work in partnership with school staff and governors and provide opportunities where they can be involved in the life of the school and support their child’s education
  • encourage and support children in taking responsibility for their own actions, attitudes and behaviour
  • promote partnership with the wider community, in order to enrich the life of the school.

Mission Statement

At Bankfoot we believe that everyone has the right to work and learn within a secure, friendly, peaceful and stimulating environment, where everyone is encouraged to achieve their best in all areas of development.

School expectations At Bankfoot we believe that having high expectations of each and every individual (both children and staff) and then providing the necessary support needed to achieve this is key to attainment.

We endeavour to maintain high standards and expect everyone to strive to contribute to our achieving our objectives at all times and to work as a team to achieve success together. In class we know that if a question is worth asking we require every child to answer it therefore we use talk partners rather than using hands up, to ensure every child gets the opportunity to think, consider and respond to every learning opportunity. We feel that differentiation means varying support but not lowering expectations of what different learners can achieve.

We want all our children to achieve their full potential by:

  • being as physically active and mentally healthy as possible
  • experiencing excellent quality education opportunities
  • living in a safe environment
  • learning and working in a safe environment
  • experiencing emotional wellbeing
  • feeling loved and valued
  • receiving support from a network of reliable and affectionate relationships
  • learning to look after themselves
  • coping with everyday living
  • having a sense of identity and a positive image of themselves
  • developing their confidence and their interpersonal skills.