Topic 4 - East meets West

Through this topic children travel all the way round to the east of the world and find out about the Shang Dynasty. 

A few of the questions we are reflecting on in our topic are:

Can we locate our own country on a world map? 

Which countries are close to us? 

            What are the differences between Eastern and Western cultures and values?

          Why should we celebrate diversity?

           Which countries would I like to research and explore?
We have been researching cultural similarities and differences between Eastern and Western countries and continents. 

We are exploring transport, cinema, food, folktales, religious festivals and the history of words- and that's just to name a few!

This topic has allowed us to reflect on our own place in the world, both socially and geographically! 

We have been able to use our knowledge of a wide range of non-fiction genres to create brochures and non-chronological reports to compare Eastern and Western cultures, customs and traditions.
In Art we have created a wide range of work influenced by Japanese, Chinese and Asian cultures.