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Useful weblinks

 These sites contain lots of useful games for Early Years covering all 7 areas of learning. 

Prime areas

 Personal,Social and Emotional Development
Getting dressed  Washing hands   Understanding emotions Road safety 

 Physical Development
Boogie Beebies  Actions with the Tweenies   Lazy Town workout  

 Communication and Language
Charlie and Lola  CBeebies stories  More CBeebies stories  Interactive books with Sebastian Swan 

Specific areas

Letter formation  Alphabet activities with the Hoobs  Making CVC words  CVC maker 

 Number formation Counting and ordering numbers  Counting game 
Subtraction game  Ordinal numbers   Missing numbers  
 Shape, space and measure
Understanding size  Repeating patterns  Copying patterns   

 Understanding the World
 Name the body parts Dress the bear   Light sources Nocturnal animals
 Plant activities
Mouse control   Mouse control

 Expressive Arts and Design
 Character maker Sealife colour mixer  Virtual keyboard